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The fact that the matrimonial union had to be terminated in this way also caused the loss of all the expectations of my deputy for the future. For this reason, we demand a compensation of 50,000.00 tl in total, 50,000.00 tl of which are material, 100,000.00 tl of which are moral, in favor of my client. Again ……. The custody of Born …… .. It is given to my lawyer, and 500 tl per month for the child, the continuation of this alimony as a food pension after divorce, 1000 tl alien pension measured by month in my lawyer, After divorce, it is decided that this alimony is decided as a food pension for poverty.

2: The citation of payroll writing a detention order for the defendant’s spouse ……

A monthly measure of 500 TL for a shared son … .., to the continuation of this alimony as a subsidiary alimony after divorce,

For the deputy, a monthly allocation of 1000 TL per month, after divorce, the work will continue as support for poverty,

Respectfully, we supply and demand that the decision be governed, and the cost and fee that the defendant must transfer to the defendant.

Demand …: It is a claim for divorce due to the shake of the foundations of the matrimonial union.

The client and the accused … The parts of this marriage have two children called Alp, born in 1980 and Aslı, born in 1988.

Although the parties were married lovingly, some problems began to occur between the parties a while after getting married. So much so

The parties can not be agreed upon spiritual and intelligently. The prospects of life are different from each other and another reason for the disagreement of the parties is the difference in education and culture between the parties. The client is a university graduate and the defendant is a graduate of elementary school, and this serious difference between the educational state caused problems during marriage.

In addition to these problems, the charged spouse also acted clearly against the confidentiality confidentiality principles or confidentiality of the obligations brought by the Marriage Union, and repeatedly expressed the problems derived from the marriage union with the client in military environments, and even He complained to the client commanders. Accused; During the marriage union, he declared the neighbors of the client, in the presence of the client’s commanders, and also in the house of the army, that the client was an alcoholic, a player and other women, and made humiliating attitudes and behaviors with the client .