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Obeying God on your Single Christian Date

Author: admin
Date: 18 January 2011
Category: Christian Singles

There are a lot of things that you can do to obey God while on your single Christian date. Make sure that you understand what God wants of you and what is expected of you as a Christian whenever you are dating other people. A lot of people get themselves into trouble whenever they are dating as a Christian as there is a lot of temptation out there.


You should always make sure that you steer clear of anything that could result in you sinning. You will find that whenever you are able to keep yourself and your date from doing anything with each other that could be considered a sin, then you will be obeying God and doing as he wishes.


You should always try to date other Christians. You will find that whenever you are dating a person that is not a believer that you will only be weakening your relationship with God. You should only be with people that are going to help you to get as close to God as possible. Any other people are not ones that you should consider having in your life.


Your goal in life as a Christian is to find a life partner that you can help you to get as close to God as possible. You will want to raise a Christian family with them and be able to live by the word of God. You should always put God first in your life and in your family as well.

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