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The Toronto bomber professed to be a follower of Elliot Rodger, an icon of a movement of misfits who are unable to have a relationship but often not even lose their virginity. And that she accumulates frustrations to the point of turning them into blind violence

No Jihad, no Caliphate, no infidels, no war on the West. In the end, behind the Toronto massacre, there could be the hand of a loser he couldn’t pick up. Indeed, of the king of losers, an ‘Incel’, as he himself defined himself in the last post he left on Facebook before driving a rented van on the pedestrians of a crowded street in the Canadian city.

A massacre announced, therefore, if only someone, as pointed out by Selvaggia Lucarelli sul Fatto, had understood what the hell was hiding behind that cryptic message full of Chad, Stacey and, precisely, Incel.

But what does the message from Alek Minassian, 25, now accused of ten murders, say? “The Incel Rebellion has already begun: we will destroy all the Chads and the Stacys! All will salute the Supreme Lord Elliot Rodger”. Lots of names and a rather cryptic acronym. Which is best explained, point by point

In reality it is nobody. It is the ‘alpha male’, as Lucarelli defines him, the one who has no difficulty in picking up, who every night takes a different one to bed, which everyone likes.

She too, like Chad, is nobody. Or rather: it is an idea. An icon created precisely by that obscure third character, Elliot Rodger, who gives this definition: “a spoiled blonde slut like all those girls I have longed for, who rejected me and considered me an inferior man”

In hot terms, he could be defined the king of the blanks and so far he is the only real character of the equally blunted fantasy of Minassian. He is a 22-year-old American – whose story is told by Corriere – who in 2014, in California, killed six people and then committed suicide. He is considered more than a hero among the Incels, the ‘prophet’ who first professed frustration with his virginity and the women who rejected him. In a disturbing video posted on YouTube, Rodger talked about the women who rejected and ignored him, promising to “punish all of you for it”.

And finally we come to them: the mysterious Incels. We owe the term to a Canadian woman who coined it when she launched a website over 20 years ago to offer support to people struggling to find partners. She stands for Involuntary Celibates and today the woman, a 40-year-old who asked to be identified only as Alana, told France Presse she was saddened to see the phrase co-opted by online trolls and misogynists.