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You will surely have read advertisements such as: Thai prostitute offering… Thai girls wanted…. but what are men really looking for in a woman, and what do Thai girls want? The answer at first glance might seem obvious: Try to imagine if one day arriving at the gates of Pattaya you find a road sign that reads “This city offers only girls suitable for an adult audience, if you are minors, please leave Pattaya immediately“. Would you be amazed? probably not. Many foreign men arriving in Pattaya know exactly what the main attractions of this city are. Many Thai girls are fun-loving, friendly enough and with inner qualities and resources that seem to strike the hearts of foreign men on vacation in the land of smiles.

Whether you find yourself in Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket it doesn’t make much difference, Thai women manage to conquer Europeans not only with looks and smiles, but they have the ability to say the right thing at the right time, leaving many men in jujube soup. . Maybe that’s what men like; women able to amaze, adventures, emotions, flirtations….

A go-go lady could dance before your eyes and casting a glance make you believe that she is pure and innocent as snow …. They are really experts in making the guest feel welcome. Western men feel like royalty when they are with them. Even a heartless man of stone, when he finds himself in front of so many beautiful girls, could fall in love several times a day.

However, there are many paradoxes that characterize the life and work of Thai girls: if on the one hand they manage to talk freely and openly about sex, about the most intimate details of their life, on the other, when they are in the intimacy of the room, they are shy with the towel tied around her waist … A Thai woman will tell you that she doesn’t like men who hang out with a different lady every night, and then you will discover that the next week she went to bed, in one day, with six men different. They will tell you that they don’t like lies, but then you will realize that the typical lady bar constantly lives hidden behind her pretenses. Hypocrisy becomes a way of life. If they run out of actresses in Hollywood, they should send some “talent-scouts”, that is, talent scouts to Pattaya.