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In reality, in GLI he has neither the title nor the elements to give information regarding the achievement of the objectives: only the team of teachers of the class to which your child is enrolled can express on this.

I am a support teacher in a high school and this year I will take a student who has followed a differentiated program for the whole course of study. Only since last December, by the exclusive will of the parents, she has switched to an equal program.

My question is the following: are the 32 credits accumulated with a differentiated Pei considered in the same way as the credits of the other classmates? How will they be evaluated?

When a student passes from the differentiated to the simplified IEP after four years of attendance, by the will of the family against the opinion of the teachers, the teachers of the Class Council propose specific “tests of suitability relating to the disciplines of the previous years” (OM 90/2001 ). The tests are not proposed if the decision to switch to a simplified IEP is taken by the Class Council itself, which decides, albeit by majority, as it is supported by the evaluation elements already in the possession of the CoC. It was therefore your task to submit the eligibility tests to the student, at the beginning of the school year, when the family refused the differential. It should be noted that, with the differentiated IEP, the transition from one year to another does not legally constitute a “promotion”, but rather an “admission to attendance in the next class”, in compliance with the sentence of the Constitutional Court no. 215/1987, which guarantees the right to study, and not even the “qualification”, to pupils with disabilities attending upper secondary school. With regard to credits, the legislation provides that for the period of the differentiated IEP the credits are evaluated in the same way as those of the simplified IEP, even if the student manages to avoid the rejection and obtain a certificate.

They are the instrumental function of a higher institution. Can you tell me what are the documents that a support teacher must draw up at the end of the school year for a disabled pupil who follows a differentiated program? In particular for those who have to take the state exam? Among the many, I refer above all to the program carried out with the pupil to be attached to the final report. Could you indicate the legislation governing this documentation?

It should be noted that not only the teacher for the support must prepare the documentation concerning the pupil with disabilities, but the whole class council; the teacher in charge of the support post can, at most, prepare the materials; but the document of May 15 (this year of May 30, by virtue of OM 10/2020) must be prepared by the entire Class Council.