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The rule that provides for this is contained in the Ordinance on the final exams of the second cycle of education (OM 10/2020). The “confidential” part of the document, concerning the pupil with disabilities, is an attachment to the document relating to the whole class; as a confidential document it should not be published in the register, unlike the general document which, instead, must be published. The final report corresponds to the evaluation of the IEP that the GLO formulates regarding the pupil’s academic career: it is therefore the task of the GLO members to agree and process it at the end of the school year.

I am the father of a severely handicapped child who attends elementary school, I have just received a communication from the municipality of residence, specifying that this year the request for school educational assistance must be made directly to the municipality of the school, therefore municipality other than residence. Where should I submit the renewal, to my municipality of residence or to the school municipality? So consequently which local authority will have to provide the service? Given the Covid19 situation, the child did not use distance learning, I would like to know the criminal responsibility of the school director. To finish, the final GLH (to evaluate the child’s learning and to present / renew the hours of educational assistance for the next school year) given the Covid19 situation, has not been done. I assume this is very serious, what do you advise me to do?

If your Municipality of residence, which by law is obliged to provide for the assignment of assistants for autonomy and communication, tells you to address the application to the Municipality where the school is located, you send the application to this other Municipality, attaching a copy of the letter you received from your Municipality. If the new Municipality refuses to consider your application, it immediately rewrites to your Municipality of residence, attaching the refusal and demanding that it convince the new Municipality, otherwise you will sue him, to get what he is entitled to. As regards the request for assistance hours, these must be defined in the GLO (operational working group made up of all the teachers of the class, parents and ASL specialists); the GLO is convened by the Headmaster at the end of the school year, also to express an evaluation of the IEP, or rather of the school path. Parents, as members of the GLO by right, can request the convening of the working group: forward this request to the Headmaster, pointing out the urgency of the meeting.

I am a support teacher of the lower secondary school, currently serving in a third class in which there is a pupil affected by disabilities who, according to law 104/92, uses the support teacher for 18 hours per week and the specialized school education for 9 hours per week.