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Congressman – A member of the US Congress (also used as an address), is usually a member of the US Representatives Assembly.

Congresista: Miembro del congreso de los ee. Uu. (También Utilizado Como Forma de Dirección), Generalmente Un Miembro Específico de La Cámara de Representantes de ee. Uu.

As someone who applies the moral manners and manages a peaceful world … Uninstall your head, Congress Member EO.

Such a claim can be expected, but in fact the Republican Party Leader comes from the Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI).

The founder of Tea Party Caucus, which is a difficult relationship with reality, the Congressman Michele Bachmann ignores the description of the White House.

Congressman was talking to me in a special interview yesterday afternoon and it was an hour ago it was.

People everywhere are talking about the Congressman and your scandal. Finally don’t drag the Joon Hyun after making a comeback.

The congressman who was a school teacher at the time he was a school teacher, was found in Joseph A. Goulden ready and hear the conversation.

In 1924, the Congress increased a law that recognizes citizenship and voting right to all domestic Americans excluded as a member of the tribes on some of the tribes.

The ancient US Congress Member Frank H. Buck’s wife Eva Buck established the Foundation as Solano Foundation in 1989 and chose the first two scholars.

Biggs competed for the United States Congress in the 5th region to replace the Retired Congress Member and Republican friend Matt Salmon.

Georgia’s wide convention region special selection, 1819, former Congress Member is called to fill the space created when the United States Senate is selected.

Bryan has inherited the support of Bryan, is now a publisher who is a Congressman, New York City with William Randolph Hearst.

Regarding the problems, Dole has promised a 15% discount in income tax rates, and the Supply Side Defender with the Old Congress Member Made Jack Kemp’i Runner friend.

Hamilton was a member of the Whig Party and then was a republican, but never has been in a republic of Whig, but he has never been elected, and the Congress has lost the race to represent a part of the New York City.

The law was written by Florida Congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart and was included as part of the DC Allocations Act for the 1998 fiscal year.

After two days, Brooks, Keitt and another ally in the afternoon entered the Senate Hall with the Congressman Henry A. Edmundson.

From December 1997 until February 2001, Lewandowski worked as an administrative assistant in the US Congress Member Ohio Republican Bob Ney.

August 7, 1974 Senators Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott and Congressman Rhodes met with Nixon in Oval Office.

1810-11 elections, so many young people who supported fighting with the United Kingdom as Clay, the British Congress Member.